Just because she still possesses the kind of baby-faced beauty that others would die for, doesn’t mean Rainie Yang doesn’t have concerns about the effects of getting older.

The Taiwanese singer recently expressed her thoughts about being in her late 30s on Weibo, sharing several photos of herself and writing, “I’m not a person who is afraid of getting old. But when the body is in a stagnant state, I actually feel very anxious.”

“For example, despite losing weight in the same way, the speed of the weight loss is slower than before, or it takes more time to recover after staying up late. It made me realise the aging inside my body, so I have to remind myself to eat healthier, exercise more diligently, go to bed earlier,” she said.

The singer posted several photos of herself to express her worries

However, said Rainie, she is unable to do all that every day, seeing that she works away from home most of the time.

“Uncontrollable diet, no time to exercise, staying up late is more of a routine. So how am I going to fight these changes that age has brought me? I’m still groping. Do you have the same trouble?” she asked.

Fans immediately took to the comments to show solidarity on the topic of aging, with some reminding Rainie that she still has her looks.

One posted, “Some changes are inevitable, brought by natural aging. You have done your best, so don’t worry too much.”

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Come on, we can only wish to have this kind of timeless youth!

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram, Rainie Weibo)