Owen Cheung has recently dismissed rumours that he is now eyeing to move his career to mainland China.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who was one of the few TVB actors who were seen joining TVB Chief Creative Officer Wong Cho Lam in mainland China and filmed several programmes there a few months ago, was previously rumoured to be one of the actors who will not be renewing his contract with TVB.

When asked about it, Owen, who appeared at the promotional event of his new drama “Childhood in a Capsule” recently, stated that Wong actually took them to observe the local productions there.

“It was an eye-opener for us. I really learned a lot,” he added.

As for the rumours that he has signed with Wong’s company, Owen said that he never really thought about it.

“Everything will just be a matter of chance,” he added.

It is noted that Owen is currently one of TVB’s most sought-after actors. Aside of the said drama, he is also currently filming the new series, “Unchained Medley”.

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Owen’s trip to China was to observe the local production there

(Photo Source: Owen Cheung Instagram)