Namewee recently expressed his sadness over the passing of Malaysian songbird Adibah Noor.

The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to express his thoughts over the tragic news of her passing on 18 June with a photo of him alongside the singer.

He wrote, “I’m shocked that our Malaysian national treasure and legendary actress @adibahnoormohdomar had just passed away due to cancer…”

“It’s still hard for me to accept the fact… I’m really honoured and proud to have you in my movie – Nasi Lemak 2.0. Us Malaysians will forever miss our Kak Noor,” he added.

In “Nasi Lemak 2.0”, released in 2011, Adibah played the role of a mysterious hawker stall lady, who helped Chef Huang embark on an extraordinary journey of his life.

Adibah Noor passed away in the evening of 18 June, after battling ovarian cancer in silence for a while. She was 51.

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The two worked together in 2011

(Photo Source: Namewee Instagram, Cinema Online)