Nam Joo-Hyuk’s agency has recently dismissed allegations that the actor was once a school bully.

On 20 June, Management SOOP released a statement to the media, saying that it had taken some time before making any position in order to confirm all the facts.

“After going through the facts with the actor about the first news article, we can confirm that all of the information was not true at all,” the company said. “We really feel regret over the media’s unilateral reporting that did not go through a single fact-check with the agency or the actor until this article was published.”

Management SOOP also said that it will request for correction from the Press Arbitration Commission (PAC) against the media outlet that damaged the actor’s reputation. It also plans to file criminal charges against the journalist who first reported the allegation and the anonymous “informant”.

The company stated that the said rumour has deeply affected the “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” actor and his family, and requested for the public to refrain from spreading groundless rumours.

The statement came after a person claiming to be from the same school as Nam accused the actor of bullying him for six years and causing a lasting trauma.

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The actor is most known for ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ and ‘Start-Up’

(Photo Source: Nam Joo-Hyuk Instagram)