Mario Ho, one of the sons of late casino tycoon Stanley Ho, was recently infuriated over allegations that he was unfaithful to wife Ming Xi.

As reported on HK01, on 13 June, a blogger posted a message online, accusing the businessman of flirting with young models before and during his marriage, adding that Mario will pay these models a huge sum of money if they make him happy.

However, the Victory Five owner is not one to let such an allegation slide, as he went on the comments section of the said post, and responded to the allegations.

“Really, do you have any evidence?” he asked. “How much is the reward? Which young model? Who told you? Who are you? Do you get paid to spread rumours? Do you have a sense of accomplishment when you spread rumours? Can’t you get other happiness and fun in life besides rumours?”

“Don’t you have a serious job? Do you contribute to this society? Can’t you release positive energy to the universe? Is your life so boring?” he added.

Meanwhile, fans of Mario and his supermodel  wife Ming Xi expressed their huge support for the couple, with some leaving messages saying that Mario doesn’t need young models when he has his own supermodel waiting at home.

Mario tied the knot with the Victoria Secret model in 2019 and the couple welcomed their first child Ronaldo in October the same year. Their second child was born in November 2021.

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The couple welcomed their first son in October 2019

(Photo Source: Mario Ho Instagram, Ming Xi Instagram)