Liza Soberano recently revealed that she will be returning to the United States again in the near future, having only returned to Manila after a month in the country.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who inked a deal with James Reid’s Careless Whisper label on 20 June, shared that she wants to take acting workshops sometime in late July or early August before trying to audition for acting projects in the country.

“Before I take on a role, I want to make sure that I’m fully equipped with the right set of tools to be able to portray my characters the best in America because I do accept the reality that acting here is a lot different than the acting style in America,” she said. “I just want to make sure that before I present myself to anyone over there, I kind of more or less have the type of acting chops that they need.”

Asked what she would advise her fellow Asian talents who want to make it big in the US, Liza responded, “Just go for it.”

In the same interview, the actress also revealed that she would like to try her hands on music.

“It was something that I always had fun doing, it was always like playtime for me, it didn’t feel like work. So, when I started talking with them, I told them that I wanted to get into music for fun still because I don’t want it to be the main aspect of my career. I still want to be an actress,” she added.

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Liza signed with Careless Music recently

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram, Careless Music Instagram)