Leon Markcus is now back with a music video for his track, “Inferno (FIREE!)”, and decided to burn it up with Hell as its core theme.

The singer revealed that the theme for the new song’s MV, which “celebrates loving yourself despite not feeling loved at all,” is loosely based on “Dante Inferno”, a poet’s journey into Hell. Similarly, throughout the entire music video, Markcus appears in different settings referencing the various levels of hell – Gluttony, Greed, Limbo, Heresy, Pride, Wrath, Fraud.

Themes of various Hells like Diyu and Hades also inspired the look of the music video, and at the same time the singer aims to bring about a more masculine edge visually unlike his previous works.

“Inferno (FIREE!)” can be described as a hard-hitting electropop track with some hip-hop influence. The track was designed to challenge and push the limits of what Markcus thinks he could do as a vocalist. Lyrics wise, he wanted to capture the essence of his hurt through harsh honesty reminiscent of his first record but with a little more edge.

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Markcus also credits his arrangement ideas to Alternative Pop Acts, Korean Pop and JPop, such as Ateez, Marina as well as Fo’xTails. Additionally, the TV series “Hawkeye” and anime “Digimon” played a huge role in his choice of samples and patches.

‘Revelation’ will be serving as the mini record promotional track which will be available on music platforms from 10 June 2022. Revelation is a song taken from a page of Markcus’ daily logbook, where he documents his “low” days – a page from 2021, where he talks about the hurt and betrayal of those he loves, the difficulties in taking responsibility and holding those whom he loves accountable.

The record, ‘Genesis’ and focus track – Inferno (FIREE!!) will be made available on all music platforms, Spotify, Apple Music and Kkbox from 24th of June 2022.