It looks like Jay Chou really is going to release a new album, despite fans’ scepticism.

As reported on ET Today, TV personality Ken Wu confirmed the news on Instagram, saying that he has spoken to Jay when he hosted an endorsement event that Jay was a part of on 18 June.

“It’s always rewarding having a chat with Jay, be it about “time” or about being “daring”,” he wrote. “Jay shared his new song with me. I really loved it. I heard that the new album will be released in July, and he said this time it is true.”

It is noted that Jay’s last album, “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Story”, was released six years ago, following the birth of his daughter Hathaway.

Back in May, the singer teased fans about his comeback, sharing a behind-the-scene photo of what seemed to be a music video, and writing, “If I were to tell you guyz that I will be releasing my upcoming new album in June/July, would you guyz not believe it again?”

In a recent post, his frequent collaborator, Vincent Fang also spoke about the album, but was very vague about the concept.

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Old buddies Jay Chou and Ken Wu met up recently

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram, Ken Wu Instagram)