Jackie Chan is revealed to be one of the many celebrities who is angered and frustrated over a recent assault against a group of women in Hebei.

Last week, an incident in a restaurant in the city of Tangshan in Hebei made headlines around China. The surveillance footage of the attack had sparked widespread shock and anger – in which nine male customers assaulted a group of four women after one of the men decided to harass one of the women.

It escalated after the woman fought back and one of her friends smashed a bottle on the man’s head after the man slapped the woman. The beating continued with the group of men hit, kicked and dragged one of the ladies outside, with no one seemingly tried to end the fight except for other women who were nearby.

Following the viral video, Jackie took to social media to express his distress over the issue, saying that he wasn’t able to sleep all night thinking about it.

“It was especially upsetting that only the women stood up to help each other, while all the men around them were indifferent. How can something like this happen in our country?” he wrote.

“In my movies, we’re always against violence, men are not supposed to hit women and a group of people should never gang up against one person. I can never repeat this enough because unfair things like that still happen,” he added.

He later shared a statement from Tsui Hark about the issue, and said that he hopes that the legal system will punish unscrupulous thugs severely and give justice for innocent victims, as well as protect heroes who have acted for justice. This could have come after several netizens commented in the previous post that none of the other people there would want to break up the fight in fear of retaliation.

It is noted that all nine men have been arrested by local authorities.

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The footage of the assault went viral online

(Photo Source: VOA, Jackie Chan Instagram)