After previously revealing that she wants to focus more on her acting career, Gigi Leung recently revealed that she is starring in the upcoming series, “Bloody Smart”.

Sharing the good news on social media on 22 June, Gigi wrote, “The first time I saw the script, I was attracted by this extremely challenging role of a single mother. I have always hoped to expand my acting career, and I am very much looking forward to this performance.”

“The story of “Bloody Smart” is thrilling, suspenseful and fascinating. In addition, it is a great challenge for the entire production team to shoot in the style of Junji Ito, and it is an honour to participate in it,” she added.

In an interview at the launch of the series, Gigi said that she studied the script for three months to prepare for the psychological state of her character.

“I hope that the audience can see a different side of Gigi Leung,” she added.

Junji Ito also recorded a special video to send his blessings to the cast and crew, saying that he is very happy that his work will be adapted into a live-action series.

“I am very excited and looking forward to see the serious effort of Director Hsieh [Chun-yi] and the main creative team,” he added.

The upcoming movie, which is based on Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito’s work, is a Taiwan-Japan co-production that centres on the relationship of a single mother and her daughter as they move to a new mysterious town.

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Gigi alongside the cast and crew of the upcoming film

(Photo Source: Gigi Leung Instagram)