Dickson Yu recently dismissed the notion that his departure from TVB was made in haste – an impulse rather than a wisely made decision.

As reported on Mingpao, the former TVB actor and host sat down for an interview recently and clarified that he has actually thought about leaving the broadcaster for the past two years, but didn’t do so earlier as he was worried about not getting a new job or a steady income.

“I am 32 years old this year and I have worked in the company for many years. I’ve understood the entire workflow. I have my own ideas, so when the contract expires, I felt that it was time to go out and try something new,” he said.

Dickson said that he actually asked for his mother’s opinion before making the decision.

“She was worried about me at first, but in the end expressed her support for me,” he added.

As for the toughest challenge in working freelance, the actor said that formulating a contract to protect his rights and determining his fee were the hardest of all.

“It takes skills to handle such a thing. It’s really hard to say no to people,” he added.

Luckily, he has veteran TV personality Carol “Dodo” Cheng to advise him on that particular area, saying, “She is a very trustworthy senior who has given me a lot of advice in my work.”

As for acting, Dickson said that he doesn’t mind going on auditions although he was already considered a lead actor in TVB.

“Not everybody has watched my performance and my acting skills are not that tremendous. Even Tony Leung had to audition for his Hollywood movie,” he joked.

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Dickson Yu is thankful to Carol Cheng for her advice

(Photo Source:  Dickson Yu Instagram, Mingpao)