Denise Laurel surprised many recently by revealing she just had a surgery to remove a cyst from the back of her head.

On 12 June, the actress posted a photo of her and the said cyst, which she jokingly named Harry, saying that the surgery happened on 9 June.

Thanking her doctors for the procedure, she wrote, “[So]much relief from the pressure in my head that I’ve been just sucking up and dealing with! I am [so] grateful for them looking it out for me even if they are in the midst of a beautiful [vacation] in Europe!”

“Surgery was fast and easy! The team totally took care of me! I even went to all my meetings and worked after!!! Thank you thank you! It’s been bugging me for quite some time I’m excited to finally get better sleep!” she added.

Fans and friends took to the comments to wish her a speedy recovery, including Chyna Ortaleza, Joross Gamboa, and her own doctor, Aivee Aguilar Teo, who wrote, “Anytime for you, our dear [Denise]. All our love.”

It is noted that Denise had undergone surgery before in 2017 to remove a cyst in her breast.

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Yes, she named the lump ‘Harry’

(Photo Source: Denise Laurel Instagram)