A day after confirming their engagement, Carlos Chan and Shiga Lin took to social media to share their first photo together as a couple.

On 9 June, the actor shared an image of him and Shiga holding each other, and wrote, “We had an evening that was both touching and unforgettable. We also received many blessings for the past two days.”

“Although we couldn’t thank them one by one, we could feel everyone’s love for us, which made us very happy. Thank you, friends.”

Meanwhile, Shiga, who posted the similar photo, wrote, “We had a touching night and I am still very excited and surprised. We have learned from each other, supported and grown from the days we spent together. We are thankful for everything that happened.”

“We have received a lot of congratulatory wishes and we deeply feel everyone’s love for us,” she added.

Fans and friends took to social media to congratulate the couple, including Jay Fung, Rabeea Yeung, Hana Kuk, Kay Tse, and Benjamin Yeung, the latter who wrote, “Welcome to the club.”

The two met and became close friends while filming the travel show, “12 Summers”. Although they had been seen going on dates since then, both Carlos and Shiga have kept mum about the nature of their relationship.

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Carlos and Shiga posted their first photo together as a couple

(Photo Source: Shiga Lin InstagramMingpao)