It looks like we have to now call Bobby Au Yeung by his full name Au Yang Tsan Wah now.

As reported on am730, the actor recently expressed his desire to drop his English name, saying that he is old now and would rather not have a child’s name.

“Besides, all I need is my Chinese name,” he said, during an interview with the show “Infinity and Beyond: Endless Melody”.

The actor added that rather than call him Bobby, people should call him Brother Wah instead, and maybe “Uncle Wah” when he is older.

It is noted that Bobby’s English name is actually Robert, but that the actor has used the nickname Bobby instead throughout his career.

In the same interview, Bobby spoke about his acting career, saying that he did not appreciate his works until he slowed down in recent years.

However, the actor stressed that he would rather not play a policeman again at his age.

“I have played a lot of ‘government officers’ roles throughout the years. I have even played lawyers many times,” he said, adding jokingly that he should be known as a “professional policeman”.

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Bobby admits to have not appreciated his works until he slowed down his career

(Photo Source: SINA, Asian ENews)