Bea Alonzo recently admitted that she has no issue working with an ex-boyfriend in her future movies or TV series.

That is if that ex-boyfriend is Zanjoe Marudo.

Speaking to Barbie Forteza in the latter’s vlog recently, the actress said that she and Zanjoe did not have an ugly breakup, unlike a certain someone who shall not be named – the latter whom she has no interest to work with at all.

“Until now, we’re friends. It would be disrespectful to our relationship if we ended it badly,” she said about the “The Broken Marriage Vow” star.

Bea and Zanjoe were together for five years before their split in 2016. She later started dating former boyfriend Gerald Anderson, only for the relationship to end badly in 2019.

She also added that she has no issue reliving her past experiences with an ex-boyfriend through scenes, as she is able to separate her personal feelings from her craft.

“If you’re after giving your audience a good performance, it would be helpful. I am not afraid of that because I know my boundaries as an actor and as a girlfriend to Dom,” she said, referring to her current boyfriend Dominic Roque.

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Bea is currently dating Dominic Roque

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram)