After previously debunking Diego Loyzaga’s statement about their recent interaction, Barbie Imperial recently revealed that she has completely moved on from it.

As reported on Push, the actress, who attended the MEGA Ball 2022, stated that she is now happy about her life.

“For me, ‘moving on’ is not a continuous thing. There will be days when you’ll say, ‘I’m okay’ and then one day, you just wake up, and boom, you haven’t moved on fully yet. So that’s it. I think I’ve moved on, it’s been a long time. But now I can say that I’m really happy,” she said.

As to whether she has found somebody new, just like Diego did with “PBB” alumna Franki Russell, Barbie said that she is not dating anybody.

“It’s very peaceful. Happiness is different when you don’t get it from other people,” she added.

Earlier this month, Barbie debunked Diego’s statement in an interview that the two have talked and that she supposedly agreed that Diego did not cheat.

“Never said anything bad after the break up. But I think telling people I said something I didn’t say is foul,” she posted.

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The actress has completely moved on from failed romance with Diego Loyzaga

(Photo Source: Barbie Imperial Instagram,  Diego Loyzaga Instagram)