It was revealed that Zanilia Zhao is set to reunite with her former onscreen partner Lin Gengxin in an upcoming series.

On 24 May, the two stars were announced as the leads in the new costume drama, “The Legend of Shen Li”, which is based on Jiu Lu Fei Xiang’s work, “Yu Feng Xing”.

To be released as part of Tencent’s line-up, the series stars Zanilia as the titular character, an heiress of the demon world who descends upon the human world as a phoenix to escape her arranged marriage.

Her life intertwines with a man soon after when he decides to keep her, thinking that she is the bird.

It is noted that Zanilia and Lin previously worked together in 2017’s “Princess Agents”. While the fans have hoped for a sequel to the said series, it seems unlikely that it will be produced due to the original series being accused of plagiarism.

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Zanilia and Lin previously worked in “Princess Agents”

(Photo Source: SOHU)