Amid rumours that three of its big Hong Kong stars Gin Lee, AGA, and Priscilla Chan have left the nest, Universal Music announced that only two of the three have done so recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the record label recently released a statement on 16 May, confirming the departure of both Priscilla and Gin.

“After their contracts expired, singers Priscilla Chan and Gin Lee left Universal Music to begin anew,” the company said. “During the contract period, the company has released a new album for Priscilla and everything went according to plan. The company will also fully cooperate with the promotion of Gin Lee’s new album.”

As for Gin’s upcoming concert in September, Universal stated that it is outside of the contract and that the company is not involved.

“We wish them well for their future undertakings. We thank them for their contributions to the company,” the company added.

As for AGA, Universal stated that the two parties have a variety of future plans, including a new album, as well as a concert tour, which will be announced later on.

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AGA remains with Universal Music

(Photo Source: Gin Lee Instagram, Priscilla Chan Instagram, AGA Instagram)