Timmy Hung seemed to be quite exasperated over people questioning his loyalty, following his recent video.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, whose father is acclaimed veteran actor Sammo Hung, recently shared a video in which he parodied a viral clip of a man rapping about coming from Yunnan – the original which has been seen 1.3 billion times since it came out.

However, instead of using the words “I am from Yunnan”, Timmy changed the words to “I am from Hong Kong” instead.

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The ‘I am from Yunnan’ video became viral online

Unexpectedly, the video caused controversy among netizens in the comment section, with many pointing out that Timmy should be saying, “Hong Kong, China” instead, questioning his own patriotism towards China.

In response to the comments, Timmy posted a video and said, “Hong Kong belongs to China. After so many years of Hong Kong’s return, are there still people who don’t know that Hong Kong belongs to China?”

He added that just like Beijing, Shanghai, and other municipalities, there is no need for people to explain which country they are from when introducing themselves.

Timmy also said that it is necessary to clearly state that he is from Hong Kong, China when meeting foreigners abroad, but that there is no need for him to do that when he is making a video for his fellow countrymen.

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Timmy made his own parody of the ‘I am from Yunnan’ video

(Photo Source: HK01, Oriental Daily)