With Cyndi Wang attracting attention on the mainland reality show, “Sisters Who Make Waves”, it was recently revealed that one of her old hit dramas will be having a remake soon.

According to ET Today, on 29 May, a mainland production company announced that they are producing the remake of “Smiling Pasta”, a hit rom-com series starring Cyndi that was released in 2006.

The casting poster, which was released online, read, “After 16 years, the pasta place full of love and smiles is opening again. Who will break the curse of three months this time?”

Although news of the remake immediately made it to the trending list, responses were negative, with most expressing annoyance over the number of remakes of old hit dramas.

“It’s not necessary. Who would watch this?” said one netizen.

“Cheng Xiao-Shi and He Qun are irreplaceable,” said another, referring to the characters played by Cyndi and Nicholas Teo. “I only recognise Cyndi and Nicholas. I won’t watch it otherwise.”

On the other hand, some netizens criticised some productions for trying to profit from nostalgia instead of coming up with new scripts.

The original series revolves around Xiao-Shi, a girl who doesn’t seem to be able to maintain a relationship after three months, and how her life changes after a chance encounter with the famous singer He Qun.

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Cyndi Wang sparks nostalgia through her performance on ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’

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