Rumour has it that Ryo Narita is currently dating 22-year-old model, Asuka Kawazu.

As reported on Sina, rumours of their romance sparked after the model was photographed entering and leaving Ryo’s house several times in April.

It was also rumoured that the “Homunculus” actor has been pursuing Asuka for a while now, ever since they were introduced by a mutual friend in 2020. It was only in February this year that the two allegedly started their relationship.

When asked about it, Ryo stated that he does not know Asuka nor did they interact with each other, but was unable to explain why Asuka is reportedly seen going to his place.

On the other hand, both Asuka and Ryo’s respective agencies stated that they will leave the celebrities’ private matters to them.

“We do hear that they are close,” Ryo’s camp added.

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Ryo has been linked to many actresses in the past, including Erika Toda

(Photo Source: Ryo Narita Instagram, Asuka Kawazu Instagram)