Although she spent most of her childhood with her grandmother rather than her mother, Marian Rivera admitted that she understood why it has to be that way.

In a special interview with Marian and her mum Amalia, the latter revealed that she had to leave the country to work abroad after her divorce with Marian’s Spaniard father, Francisco when the actress was just three.

“I was forced to leave the Philippines and my mother (Lola Iska) had to take care of her,” she said.

On the other hand, Marian said that even though the two of them had to separate, her grandmother would always remind her not to harbour any resentment against Amalia.

“It hurt, but I was thankful that my grandmother would always explain, ‘You can’t have any resentment against your mother because she does it all for you’,” she said.

Despite the situation, Marian remained close to her mum, her grandma, and even her father, who walked her down the aisle when she married Dingdong Dantes in 2015.

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Marian with her parents on her wedding day

(Photo Source: Marian Rivera Instagram, Philippine News)