Kris Aquino has recently dismissed rumours that she is dying, though admitted that her health condition truly is life-threatening.

The actress, who has been known to be battling auto-immune diseases, shared a video on social media, and expressed, “The rumors saying I’m confined in the ICU and already dying, that’s too advanced. Just to make it clear, and because you want me dead already, well, I am not yet. I am going to fight to stay alive.”

Kris, who has always been honest about her condition, stated that she has three confirmed autoimmune conditions: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and late stage 3 of Churg Strauss Syndrome, also known as EGPA.

“My team of doctors here [and] abroad (we’ve been closely consulting with a Filipino-American doctor and his team in Houston, Texas. Here the majority of my doctors practice in St Luke’s BGC and/or Makati Medical Center except my neurologist who has clinics in Asian, Perpetual & Medical City). They are all worried about organ damage in my heart [and] in my lungs. So, by all means, they tried for me to get to Houston soonest.”

“The medicine that God willing can help save me doesn’t have FDA approval here or in Singapore, and it will be infused into my chemotherapy as my immunosuppressant. Why? I’m allergic to all steroids,” she explained.

In the same post, Kris also thanked those who prayed for her recovery, and also expressed hope that people will stop bullying her two sons.

Earlier, Kris revealed that she was to fly abroad in early May, but that she was not cleared to go by her doctors because of her high blood pressure.

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram)