KC Concepcion recently revealed that she nearly faced possible paralysis after COVID-19 began to affect her brain.

The actress spoke about her situation in an Instagram Story post over the weekend, where she thanked her doctor for “arresting a possible paralysis due to a neurological effect” COVID had on her.

“What I thought was a mild bout turned into something much more serious overnight. I felt a change in my motor skills and also knew it was hitting my brain… it’s like nothing I’d ever experienced before,” she said.

“Doc urgently prescribed me the exact meds I needed at exactly the right time – and by anticipating the progress of COVID in my body, he put me on the road to recovery. It’s my 6th day today since first onset of symptoms and I am still weak but regaining strength slowly but surely! I am forever indebted to you doc for saving my life.”

In another post, KC expressed hope that she will recover soon so that she could finish shooting her new movie, “Asian Persuasion”.

“Stay SAFE everyone. This is not like the flu. It’s a whole different animal. I evaded it for 3 years!!! But just like that it got me. From an asymptomatic person who unknowingly passed it on. Try your best to live your healthiest lives. And let’s ENJOY WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER,” she added.

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KC Concepcion is currently working on a new film

(Photo Source: KC Concepcion Instagram)