If there is one rumour that nearly broke Kaman Kong, it was the one romantically linking her to married actor, Vincent Wong.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who accepted an interview with CRHK’s “Behind the Stars” recently, shared that she was extremely frustrated when she was accused of being the third party in Vincent and Yoyo Chen’s marriage when she was filming “Fist Fight” in 2018.

“I was still filming at the time, and I rushed to the producer and said no more. I wanted to change my role. The pressure was too great,” she said.

Kaman continued, “I never thought that a single photo would create so many stories. I didn’t do anything. Why? How can it be written like this? It was just so unfair.”

The actress admitted that she had a hard time dealing with her emotions and wanted to leave showbiz because of it.

Fortunately, she had “My Ages Apart” producer Joe Chan and co-star Louis Cheung helping her go through the tough times, saying that the two took turns talking to her on the phone almost every day to relieve her emotions.

In the same interview, Kaman stated that she would never choose to date someone in the entertainment circle, saying that she would prefer to just be friends with them.

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Kaman doesn’t want to date anybody in showbiz

(Photo Source: Kaman Kong Instagram)