Joyce Chao recently announced that she is now 30 weeks pregnant with her first child with husband Renzo Liu.

The 42-year-old actress, who suffered a miscarriage last year, shared the good news on social media, saying that the doctor has confirmed her baby’s condition to be healthy and stable.

“Because of my previous pregnancy failure due to a more complicated immune problem, I can’t be rest assured until “Dian Dian Baby” is born healthy. I will take injections and medicine every day according to the doctor’s instructions, stay home as much as possible during the pandemic and making every effort to protect Dian Dian Baby’s health,” she wrote.

Joyce also thanked her family and friends for their blessings and to the fans for their encouragement.

“The due date is about ten weeks away. I really need more positive energy and blessings from everyone. Please pray that I and Dian Dian Baby are safe, healthy, and that we will have a smooth delivery. I also hope that the experience will give more encouragement to mothers who are also working hard on the same path,” she added.

“The Prince Who Turns into a Frog” actress tied the knot with TV presenter Renzo Liu back in 2016. Renzo is already a father to a son named Troy from his first marriage.

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Joyce has adorably nicknamed her unborn child Dian Dian Baby

(Photo Source: Joyce Chao FB)