After keeping mum about the birth of their child for over a week, Jennylyn Mercado recently revealed the reason why she and husband Dennis Trillo decided only this month to announce it.

Sharing a photo of her and Dennis with their first child together, Jennylyn stated that she chose to keep quiet about the birth at first due to the stress from the current situation in the country, what with the pandemic and the upcoming election.

“I focused on my pregnancy. But of course, it was also impossible for me not to stand up especially now that I have a new child. Her future depends on me,” she expressed.

Jennylyn stated that she wants “Baby D” to live in a society that is free, safe and full of love, and to experience life honestly and with dignity.

“I want her to live in a country where justice prevails, to respect the rights of every human being and protect nature as well as animals. I want my child to grow up that her future best friends in the LGBTQIA+ community are free to enjoy equal rights in the eyes of the law, and most of all, I want her to live without fear and apprehension because she is respected as a woman,” she said.

In a previous statement on social media, Dennis and Jennylyn revealed that their baby girl was born on 25 April through C-section. “Everything went smoothly inside the operating room and both Jennylyn and baby D are doing very well now. Despite having sleepless nights these past few days, Jen and I are very much enjoying our time as parents and we are very thankful that we are blessed with a healthy baby girl,” Dennis wrote.

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Jennylyn and Dennis wanted to have a daughter as they already have a son each from their prior relationships

(Photo Source: Jennylyn Mercado Instagram)