Hong Kong singer and actor James Ng surprised many recently when he announced that he is now married.

Sharing the news on the night of 7 May, James shared a photo of him and his bride on Instagram and said that he will do his best to protect his wife.

“I am so happy. Thank you for your love and tolerance… for now, I want to have some space with her. I will introduce her to you in the future. Thank you, everyone,” he wrote.

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James shared the news on social media and kept his bride’s face hidden

While James made no mention about the identity of his bride, netizens began to dig and speculated that he has tied the knot with Japanese TV host Aiko Hamaguchi.

It is noted that Aiko previously announced that she is married, and shared a photo of her and her new husband on social media (while covering her new husband’s face with a flower emoji). However, she has since made her Twitter account private.

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Netizens speculated that James has married Japanese artiste, Aiko Hamaguchi

(Photo Source: James Ng Instagram, Oriental Daily)