Hong Kong singer Ian Chan has recently dismissed allegations that his new single, “Got U” has plagiarised Jay Park’s song, “GANADARA”.

As reported on Mingpao, allegations of plagiarism sparked after the MIRROR member released the said song in early May, with netizens claiming that the guitar introduction in both songs sounded quite similar to one another.

In response to the allegation, Ian uploaded a demo of his song on Instagram Story, which showed the production date as 16 December of last year.

Ian Chan denies plagiarising Jay Park’s “GANADARA”, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
The singer shared the demo that has the date of production

He also explained that “Got U” was supposed to be launched on Valentine’s Day, which is a month earlier than “GANADARA”, but that the team later decided to release his other song “Breathing with You” first.

Good friend Anson Poon also attested to this, saying that the demo was written five months ago, and therefore would be impossible for Ian to copy Jay.

(Photo Source: Ian Chan Instagram, Mingpao)