After eight months of hiatus due to his illness, it was revealed that Japanese singer GACKT will be making his return soon.

As reported on JPrime, the news was confirmed by his agency, Glab Entertainment, saying, “We will gradually resume entertainment activities within the year according to the recovery situation of the medical condition.”

The company added that GACKT is recovering steadily since he started his treatment in Japan and that he will be able to make a comeback by year’s end.

It was back in September last year that his rep stated that the singer is taking a break due to “an early onset neurological disease”, which resulted in GACKT suffering from dysphonia.

The rep stated that GACKT, real name Gakuto Oshiro, returned to Japan back in August but felt unwell shortly after.

In October, the singer posted a comment on social media to assure fans of his condition, saying, “I will definitely return to greet all of you.”

Gackt neurological disorder hiatus explained story feature portrait
GACKT has been on hiatus since September last year

(Photo Source: Pop Japan, Dualshockers)