Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng recently clarified previous rumours that he has left the Shanghai lockdown for Australia.

As reported on Epoch Times, earlier, a netizen shared a photo of the actor, who had been stranded in Shanghai since the city began its COVID-19 lockdown, waiting at the airport in a low-key manner. The photo showed that Eddie had just a black travel bag and nothing else.

The netizen stated, “Eddie will fly to Australia tonight. It is estimated that there will be a wave of stranded artistes going abroad.”

The news caused heated discussions, with some saying that him leaving Shanghai was the right choice, while others accused him of taking refuge in another country.

In response to the rumour, Eddie confirmed that he has left Shanghai with several photos of his meals on his flight, but denied that he was going to Australia.

Responding to fans, the actor said that he was going to Hong Kong for work, and added that he will still be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival. He later shared several photos, including one of the view from Victoria’s Bay.

Shanghai has been on lockdown for more than a month now, and yet there is still no sign of a complete lift.

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Eddie shares photos of him isolating in Hong Kong soon after leaving Shanghai

(Photo Source: Eddie Peng Instagram)