Chen Bolin is set to make his drama comeback through the upcoming Disney+ series, “Small & Mighty”.

The Taiwanese actor, who has not starred in a modern series in ten years, plays the role of a dashing but obnoxious lawyer who is kicked out of his small firm before a toddler claiming to be his offspring turns up unannounced in his life.

While most legal series are serious dramas, “Small & Mighty” subverts expectation with a light-hearted but thought-provoking plot.

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It’s a case of ‘Whose kid is this?’

Director Hsu Fu-Hsiang, who reunited with Chen Bolin following 2021’s “Trick or Treat”, stated, “Bolin is very professional in front of the camera, and he brings out the best in his fellow actors; he is also the life of the group, often lifting the atmosphere on set.”

Aside from Chen, the drama co-stars Puff Kuo, Phil Hou and A-Shi.

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The drama co-stars Puff Kuo

(Photo Source: Chen Bolin Instagram)