Although Brian Tse has proven himself a keeper, Ashley Chu recently stated that the two of them have yet to plan to take the next step in their relationship.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who opened up about her past mistake in cheating on Brian with her “Story of Zom-B” co-star and married man Jackson Lai in 2020, stated that her relationship with Brian only strengthened after the controversy.

“Many things require experience. Having experienced something together change people,” she said.

It is noted that Brian had accompanied Ashley during the press conference which she held following the controversy, and even remained with her throughout the hard times.

Ashley also said that Brian has always been supportive, calling him an “action-oriented man”.

Asked if the two have any “deadlines” when it comes to their relationship, the actress responded, “We are very freestyle.”

As for a flash marriage, she said that such a thing would be almost impossible to do as Brian is not a spontaneous man.

“I hope to work harder in the future, so that the audiences’ perception of me will change,” she added.

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Brian accompanied Ashley at her press conference back in 2020

(Photo Source: Ashley Chu Instagram, Brian Tse Instagram, Mingpao)