Just as he is slowly returning to the limelight, Andy Hui recently took to social media to warn fans of a fake social media account out there trying to deceive them.

On 10 May, the singer shared a screenshot of a social media account that uses his image and both his English and Chinese names.

“I found out from a friend about this fake account,” he posted. “This is not me. Please be careful not to be deceived.”

Some fans also revealed that the fake account is not dormant, but has been sending private messages to fans. It also seems to be from mainland China, based on the use of simplified characters in its messages.

Andy also revealed that this is not the first time that someone had opened a fake account using his name, but that luckily, he noticed it immediately before it could scam fans.

It is noted that Andy has inked a deal with Universal Music to start anew, three years after his 2019 cheating scandal with actress Jacqueline Wong made headlines. The singer has been married to Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng since 2013.

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Andy warns the fans of this fake account

(Photo Source: Andy Hui Facebook)