It was revealed that Ali Lee has departed from her upcoming supernatural drama, “Unchained Medley”.

As reported on HK01, the TVB actress, who was originally set to play the lead in the drama alongside Owen Cheung, was revealed to have withdrawn from the project due to health reasons, especially since she has been busy balancing several jobs including a new talk show.

Producer Wong Wai Yan reportedly has already found a replacement for Ali in actress Katy Kung, of whom he worked with on the series, “Brutally Young 2.0”.

Asked about the departure, Ali said, “I will try my best to maintain the balance between work and health.”

On the other hand, Katy stated that she is unsure about the reports that she will be replacing Ali, saying that she is currently focusing on her new drama, “Handover”.

As for Wong, the producer expressed his hope that Ali will be in good health soon.

“We are worried that it will be tough on her and that she won’t be able to handle it. I do want to work with her, and I believe there will always be a chance in the future,” he said.

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Katy Kung reportedly will replace Ali in the new series

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram, Katy Kung Instagram)