Will Liu has recently apologised for his previous slip up, after he announced that Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have already welcomed their third child.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole situation sparked after Will, who held a live broadcast on 22 April, stated that his good friend Jay has welcomed his baby girl the day prior.

In response to the announcement, Jay’s camp responded that they will wait for the singer to address it himself.

Hannah Quinlivan recently posted a photo on Instagram Story that they are welcoming another daughter

On 23 April, the Taiwanese singer took to Weibo to explain the situation, saying that he had the misunderstanding after he saw Hannah Quinlivan’s Instagram Story in which she revealed that she is welcoming another baby girl.

“I contacted Jay via text message yesterday and congratulated him for welcoming another daughter and he seemed very happy as well, so I thought she was already born,” Will said.

“Sorry that I misunderstood, everybody,” he added.

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Will is besties with Jay Chou, here with Will’s 3 kids

(Photo Source: Will Liu Instagram, Jay Chou Instagram)