After postponing the movie’s Lunar New Year release due to the pandemic, the cast and crew of “Table For Six” are elated to find out that the movie will have its World Premiere in Competition at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy.

As reported on HK01, lead actor Dayo Wong, who heard the news, enthused that he knew that the script was strong enough to warrant a festival recognition.

“It is able to discuss the topic of love, family, and siblings’ rivalry in just a few dinner scenes. It’s quite difficult to express the warmth of it,” he said.

The comedian also stated that the film will be released on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and hopes that everybody can enjoy the movie even more.

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Dayo and Stephy star in the said movie about family

On the other hand, director Sunny Chan stated that he is also happy that the film is shortlisted.

“For so many years, I found that comedy is the most difficult to write. It must be both funny and meaningful, and needs heart. It’s very difficult to strike a balance. I have to thank everybody involved, especially the six very good actors,” he said.

The film stars Dayo as the eldest of three half-siblings, who finds himself having a tough reunion dinner after his ex-girlfriend shows up as his brother’s girlfriend.

The film also co-stars Louis Cheung, Stephy Tang, Ivana Wong and Lin Min Chen.

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The story revolves around three half-siblings and an ex-girlfriend

(Photo Source: HK01)