It’s going to be another boy for Steven Cheung and wife Au Man Man.

The news was indirectly revealed by the singer himself, who shared a photo from his eldest son’s third birthday.

“Bao Bao is three now. In a blink of an eye, he’s three-years-old. I hope the three brothers can live in harmony and be healthy and I will be satisfied,” he wrote.

The couple, who separated and got back together earlier this year, announced the news of the third pregnancy in January, with Steven writing, “People will always make different mistakes in their lives, love affairs, work affairs, family affairs, friendship affairs, but the most important thing is to reflect on the mistakes after making them.”

“After talking to my wife for the past few days, we decided to continue to walk the road ahead together. The two of us have a lot to learn, and there is a long, long way to learn together as a family of five,” he added.

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Steven’s eldest son Tin Bo just turned three while second boy Tin Muk is a year younger

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung Instagram)