Fans of Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue get nostalgic after watching the new ad she starred in, which features her current-self having a snack with her younger-self.

The said ad, which was to promote McDonald’s Japan’s Bacon Potato Pie – has the actress sitting on a bench with the teenage version of herself as they enjoy the said dessert.

The two versions of Ryoko look at each other and expressed, “It seriously hasn’t changed.”

It is noted that McDonald’s Bacon Potato Pie was previously on the menu, but had been on hiatus for a while. The said ad is playing to the notion that the said food item still retains the same great flavour as in the past.

Although the younger Ryoko looks a little CG-ed, many fans couldn’t help but reminisced about the past seeing her in her trademark short hair, baggy shirt and jeans.

Making her television debut at the age of 15 in 1995, Ryoko starred in a variety of hit Japanese dramas in the late 90s to early 2000s, including Takuya Kimura’s “Long Vacation”, Takeshi Sorimachi’s “Beach Boys”, as well as playing the leading lady in Yutaka Takenouchi’s “Shotgun Wedding”.

Watch the ad here:

(Photo Source: Sora News 24)