Ria Atayde has recently laughed off the notion that she and Joshua Garcia could be in a relationship.

The actress, who was asked about her close friendship with the actor during the advanced screening of her series, “Miss Piggy”, stated that she and Joshua laughed about the continuous rumours regarding them.

“He’s such a dear friend to me and I feel like it’s nice to know that we are as comfortable as we are with one another,” she said.

Ria also stated that she prefers having Joshua as a friend rather than a boyfriend, since she can keep him forever, she said.

“I mean, I get it. Josh is an amazing guy. Some people are better off as friends that way because that way you’re more secure that you won’t lose him in your life. So I guess that’s just that, we’re better off as friends so at least I know I can keep him forever,” she said.

Joshua’s age may also be the reason why Ria doesn’t see them being together, since the actor is five years younger than her.

“He’s an attractive guy, but he’s just really younger than me. I’m 30 and Josh is what? Turning 25,” she added.

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Ria says that she and Joshua are better off as friends

(Photo Source: Ria Atayde Instagram, Joshua Garcia Instagram)