Namewee couldn’t help but feel very frustrated to find that his YouTube channel has been hacked.

On 5 April, the singer-songwriter, who is currently in the UK, took to Instagram to express his frustration, saying that he assumes that the hacker is Russian, based on the language.

“This channel, Namewee, I’ve managed already 13 years. It’s a very long journey. But everything is gone now. I don’t care who you are. Russian guy, listen. I have one thing I want to tell you,” he said, before proceeding to cuss at the top of his lungs.

“And we support Ukraine,” he added.

It is noted that Namewee, who started his channel in 2006, has already accumulated more than 3.27 million subscribers, with the channel containing his many videos including the famous song, “Fragile”.

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All of Namewee’s YouTube content is gone

(Photo Source: Namewee Instagram)