Almost a year after their separation, Michelle Madrigal revealed that she and her husband Troy Woolfolk’s divorce is now finalised.

Sharing the news on Instagram, she wrote, “Yesterday was supposedly a day we celebrate our union few years back… Fast forward to 2022, it’s a completely different story because this marriage is at the end of divorce (took some time but have been legally separated). An ending to something that once gave her happiness and joy.”

Michelle stated that a big part of herself needs to heal and let go of the thought and notion that she will never find love again.

“Yes, marriage is a lot of hard work, but both parties should be willing to evolve and change individually (do the inner work). This woman is a completely different person a year ago. She’s constantly evolving and relearning about herself. Today, she honours all of that. Letting go of all the negative emotions that transpired during this union and embracing the positive ones left in her heart. We are blessed to have a loving daughter that we get to share during this big transition.”

Michelle and Troy tied the knot in 2019 after welcoming their daughter in 2017.

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Michelle and Troy with daughter Anika on their wedding day in 2019

(Photo Source: Michelle Madrigal Instagram, GMA)