Rumour has it that TVB is set to produce a drama similar to Ruby Lin’s Netflix series, “Light the Night”, and will cast Mat Yeung as one of the leads.

As reported on HK01, sources recently claimed that the broadcaster is now planning for a drama that revolves around a large-scale night club in Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s, similar to the said Ruby Lin series.

Reportedly, Elaine Yiu has been cast to play one of the leads, and that it will also be a comeback vehicle for Mat.

It is noted that Mat has been on hiatus since he was arrested in August 2020 for his involvement in a car collision and allegedly refusing to provide a blood sample to the police, and was found guilty on three charges in November 2021.

He had since made an appeal against the magistrate’s decision.

When asked about the rumours and as to whether he is not worried that Mat’s issue will hinder filming and subsequent broadcast, producer Wong Jing stated that the casting has been arranged by TVB.

“Since TVB is confident, I have no problem with it,” he added.

On the other hand, Mat said that he has not received any notice from the company so far, and will wait for TVB to arrange his work for him.

Mat Yeung was sentenced to 18 days of imprisonment and a driving license suspension of two years for driving recklessly

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram, HK01)