It looks like K-pop star Luna is going to Broadway, as it was revealed that the new musical “KPOP” will be staged this fall.

The former f(x) member will be making her Broadway debut in October, with the previews to be held on 13 October at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre, while the opening night will be on 20 November.

Appearing at a press conference to announce the news, Luna said, “Anyone who has followed my career knows that musical theatre has always been a driving passion of mine. Broadway represents the pinnacle of achievement in my profession, so being able to bring my culture – this Korean artform –  to the fans who flock here from all over the world to see a Broadway show is the honour of my life.”

“The driving force of this production of KPOP has always been to fuse the vibrant, joyful, and wildly entertaining world of K-pop with the powerful storytelling of a Broadway musical,” said producers Tim Forbes and Joey Parnes. “The result is something that no one has ever seen before on stage, complete with epic production values, catchy songs, passion, and heart. In the world of K-pop, no one embodies these elements better than Luna. We are thrilled to introduce Broadway audiences to one of the most exciting music superstars in the world.”

Though this will be her first time performing on Broadway, Luna is no stranger to musicals, having appeared in Korean productions of “In the Heights” and “Mamma Mia”.

The story of “KPOP” revolves around a group of global superstars who put everything on the line for a special one-night only concert, only to have one singer’s inner struggles threatening to dismantle one of the biggest labels in the industry.

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“KPOP” the Broadway musical

(Photo Source: Luna Instagram, Playbill)