Linda Chung recently announced that her third pregnancy will be her last one.

The actress recently shared her pregnancy journey in a vlog on her YouTube channel, telling fans in the very first minute, “I do believe that this will be my last pregnancy and so I just want to remember what I felt, what I’ve been feeling, and what’s the experience was like for my gift.”

Married to Canadian-based chiropractor Jeremy Leung since 2015, the actress is already a mum to daughter Kelly and son Jared.

Linda also revealed that she is currently ten weeks pregnant, describing the baby to be the size of a little strawberry.

In the said vlog, she shared the many challenges she has to go through this time around, from extremely sore breasts, constant nausea, bladder issues, and unstable hormonal state.

“I remember feeling sick for the first trimesters during my first and second pregnancies. The same happened for this one too, it definitely hasn’t been a fun ride. Thankfully I still had a healthy appetite, so I tried to overcome the nausea by eating, drinking ginger tea, and using essential citrus oils such as orange and lemon.”

She also admitted that the hormonal imbalance made her quite irrational at times.

“Just little things can get to you, even finding out that I was pregnant I would cry,” she shared, adding that she felt like a teenager going through puberty with breakouts and bad hair.

However, Linda assured that the issue will not last, and that she would usually be okay after her second trimester. She also stated that she will be back with another video on her second trimester, saying that she is confident that she will be glowing and more energetic at the time.

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The actress announced her pregnancy earlier this month

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram)