Lin Chi-Ling has recently won a lawsuit against a mainland company for misusing her photos to sell adult toys.

Earlier, it was reported that the Taiwanese actress was enraged after finding out that her image, name and signature were used to promote sex toys by a company in Chaozhou, and went on to sue the manufacturer.

In addition to demanding a public apology, she also sued the company for a total of RMB 160,000 for the illegal use of her image and name.

The verdict of the trial was reportedly released in the middle of this month, with the Chaozhou People’s Court announcing that the company must not only stop using Lin’s name and image, but to submit a formal apology and a fine of RMB 90,000 (approx. USD 13,690).

After the news came to light, netizens expressed their solidarity with the actress, saying that it was shameful for the company to use her image to sell adult toys, especially now that she is married and is a mother.

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Lin is married to Japanese singer AKIRA, the couple welcomed their first child earlier this year

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-Ling Instagram)