Li Ronghao has recently dismissed rumours that he has cheated on wife Rainie Yang with another woman.

It was previously rumoured that Li, who has spent more time away from his wife due to their hectic schedules, has cheated on her with fellow singer Jike Junyi, and that the couple will be divorcing soon.

In response to the said rumour, Li posted his statement on Weibo, that read, “Even during this moment of the pandemic, there are still people who are saying nonsense and making up rumours about me. Don’t worry. The evidence has been collected and the lawyer is handling it.”

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Li was linked to fellow singer Jike Junyi

Rainie also reposted Li’s statement, and said that she is not angry at all as the whole thing was too made up that nobody would believe it.

As for Jike, who was accused of being the third party, the singer took to social media with a simple post that read, “False.”

Rainie and Li have been married since 2019. However, with Rainie focusing more on her career in Taiwan and Li in mainland China, coupled with the pandemic making it even more difficult for them to meet, the couple admitted that they were not able to spend a lot of time together for the past three years.

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Rainie focuses on her singing career in Taiwan

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Rainie Yang Instagram, Jike Junyi Instagram)