It’s been quite some time since he last had a romantic relationship, and Jiro Wang recently admitted that his mother is now getting restless about it.

The former Fahrenheit member, who has been staying in Taiwan since the Lunar New Year to keep his mum company, shared that he has been single for the past five years and has been spending more time with his Gundam, dolls and anime figures that it has begun to irk his mum.

“My mum once asked me if my dolls can help me have children,” he said lightheartedly.

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He loves anime figures
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As much as he loves Gundam

Asked the kind of partner that he would like, Jiro said that his ideal match would be someone who is like-minded, who shares the same interest with him when it comes to dolls and action figures.

“I even bought a two-story house to place my dolls. I know where each and every one of them is placed and will find out if even one is missing,” he added.

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The singer also enjoys cosplaying
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Mum is beginning to get annoyed with her son’s bachelor status

(Photo Source: Jiro Wang Instagram)