While the second season of “Squid Game” has yet to be in development, its creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk has revealed that he is also working on a script for a new movie about a club that kills old people.

Sharing the news during a session at MipTV, Hwang said that he has already penned a 25-page treatment for the project inspired by a novel penned by Italian essayist, Umberto Eco.

“It will be more violent than ‘Squid Game,’” he said, adding that he might have to hide from old people after the film comes out.

For now, he has given the project the working title of “K.O. Club.”

On the other hand, the director shared that he will return to South Korea soon to begin writing the second season of his hit Netflix series, with plans for the sequel to be streaming in 2024.

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Second season of ‘Squid Game’ will tentatively air in 2024

(Photo Source: Vanity Fair, Cnet)