After previously saying goodbye to TVB, it was revealed that Grace Wong is now making an effort to expand her career in mainland China.

The former TVB actress was recently spotted in a preview of the mainland reality show, “Great Dance Crew”, a show produced by Youku and Star Chinese Media in which 60 performers compete for the chance to be the queen of dance.

Grace seemed to be the only participant over 30, as she stood among the young performers that include SNH48 member Li Jiaen and GNZ48’s Tang Lijia.

However, she still made the top ranks, as it was revealed that she is now in fourth place with 1.039 million votes and counting.

Although she has yet to appear in the first episode, the preview showed Grace during an interview, saying, “I am 35 this year and I still have dreams. When you’re older, you’ll be afraid to take risks.”

Grace, who had been with TVB since she won first runner-up at Miss Hong Kong 2007, left the company last year. Prior to her departure, Grace had also started focusing on her music career, using the moniker G.Racie.

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The actress announces her participation in ‘Great Dance Crew’ in early April

 (Photo Source: Grace Wong Facebook)